Server Rules

Server Rules:
    • Do not destroy another person's property (griefing).
    • Respect the others.
    • No ads or inappropriate links.
    • No hacks or mods that give you an advantage.
    • Do not steal anything from another player.
    • Don’t impersonate staff.

    Chat rules:
      • No spamming.
      • No flaming and raging.
      • No right-wing extremism or racism.
      • Do not insult another player.
      • No sexual harassment in any way.

      Other Rules:
        • Don’t exploit game mechanics.
        • No offensive builds, names or skins.
        • Do not build anything in the farmworld.
        The farmworld(s) will be replaced and regenerated from time to time, anything built or stored inside them will be gone forever.

        If you do not adhere to these rules, you may be muted, kicked, frozen or permanently banned from the server.