BShips Basics

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There are four primary and four secondary modes to vote for at game start. You can choose between:
  • Normal mode
  • No trader: Same amount of gold per second, trading not possible
  • Short Mode: More gold per second, trading allowed (default)
  • Tourney Mode: Default gold per second, more gold and XP for player kills

Short mode is a fair compromise for public games since new players will have more gold to play around with and won't get punished as severely for bad economic decisions.

You can choose between these secondary modes:
  • Greenpeace vs Whalehunters: Fish and hunt whales for gold, a few additional itemsand weapon recipes based on collected fish
  • Fishing only: Like above but without hunting whales
  • No special mode (default)
  • Battlezones: One zone per lane plus one in the middle can be hold for additional gold. A good choice to encourage early action
There are two ships that can pick up goods from trade posts marked as gold mines on the minimap. In base, there's a Trade Master that hands out contracts for those missions. Each contract requires you to go to a specific trade post (with contract and an empty slot in inventory) and return to your Trade Master to receive gold and lumber. The lumber you gather is used to progressively access contracts with higher risk and higher reward. The Trader and the Merchant can be bought at your main harbour for 500 or 2400 gold respectively. Both have very few hitpoints but come with skills for temporary invulnerability/invisibility. The benefit of the Merchant is the -giveall command, which distributes all your gold fairly amongst teammates. If you want to share only part of your gold, use -giveall X. Note that trading makes you miss a lot of XP and you feed a decent amount of gold per death. Writing -trader will inform you about the total number of allied and opponent traders.
Camera Commands
There is a number of commands to adjust the camera for an easier overview of the map. The following can be written in chat to change the camera angle:
  • -s for a steeper angle and a medium zoom out. A good starting point to find out your preferred settings.
  • -a1 to -a9 to adjust the degree of zoom out
  • -f for a preset "far" zoom out
Utility to start with
Inside your base, you'll find a marketplace named "Equipment Merchant". You can buy an assortment of
  • repair woods that instantly heal your ship for x hitpoints (cooldown)
  • repair crews to heal x hitpoints/second
  • sails that speed up your ship by x %
  • hulls that grant x hitpoints and y % damage reduction but also slow you down
Because you want to get onto the lanes as quickly as possible to fight and get experience points in the beginning, it's recommended to always buy a weak repair wood and crew (375 gold total) and possibly a stone hull or a light sail (200 and 150 gold). Now you are prepared to spend a good amount of time in the middle of the map to fight the opponent. Note that you cannot afford a weak repair wood, small repair crew and a stone hull (575 gold total) immediately in any mode other than short mode.
Ships and abilities
There are ships to purchase for varying amounts of gold. The price classes are 1200, 3000, 5000, 7000, 10 000 and 14 000 gold. Whether to go for a cheap but early ship or save up more to strike back with a huge ship depends on how the game develops and what mode is being played. In short mode each player gets a higher amount of passive gold per second, thus many players opt to go for a ship of 5000 gold at least. Every ship of every size in the game has 3 passive abilities that grant additional sail speed, hitpoints and repair per second. On top of that, every ship has 2 to 4 spells including spawns, area of effect spells, passive auras and more. As a rule of thumb, it's recommended to first maximize all main spells of a ship to participate in team fights. Secondly, I suggest you maximize the passive sail speed skill because speed helps better to chase or flee than hitpoints or repair per second do.
Weapons and recipes
There are dozens of different weapons that automatically shoot every enemy unit in a given range and recipes to combine those into new, stronger weapons. Weapon prices depend on range and damage per second. Each weapon you buy takes up 1 of your 6 inventory slots. However, when you buy a weapon that you already possess once, they double up. The doubled weapon takes up 1 inventory slot. All over the map there are shops to combine two specific doubled weapons for varying amounts of gold. Note that these combinings usually don't offer extra damage but free one inventory slot for you to put another weapon or utility item in. In the top left corner of the map, there is a small area containing replicas of all the weapon combiners as well as 10k and 14k ship shops. While you cannot buy anything there, it's convenient to browse for recipes (recommended to do in singleplayer at least once).
Gameplay basics
Farming spawns is not necessary! Spawns meet in the lanes to fight each other off. You can join in and get gold for every spawn you lasthit. However, because the Alliance's spawns kill each other, they gather gold to periodically distribute amongst all players. Because of that, you don't generate gold by farming (unlike in Dota) but put some of your teammate's gold into your own pockets.
Get as much XP as possible! Gathering all the XP you can should definitely be prioritized over farming. Your level will determine how threatening your offensive spells will be. In the middle of the map you will be in range to get XP from all dying spawns on both lanes. Controlling mid, or atleast being able to farm XP there, is the most vital thing for the first 20 minutes of the game.Don't fight alone! Because weapons shoot all targets within their range, it is good to have other spawns and teammates around. That way, the overall damage per second dealt by the opponent gets divided by the number of targets. It's also smart to keep track of your team's movement. When everybody heals in their base's repair dock, it will usually be good to heal too. Being idle somewhere or staying at the front alone is risky and a waste of time.Keep an eye out for wood cooldowns! Since it's the most vital utility in game, everybody will have a wood to heal in case of emergency. If an opponent has his ready and yours is on cooldown, it means danger! Good players will pretend to flee to bait you into chasing them and use their wood last second to then take you down. So try to remember when opponents use their wood to focus them before it is ready again. Also make sure your own wood is ready to use when you want to chase an enemy.
Thanks to CluelessFlamer for making this introduction!